Kelly was amazing throughout my pregnancy and labor. Not only would I highly recommend her to anyone I know, I would be so thankful to have her by my side again in the future. As first time parents, my husband and I were nervous about all of the unknowns surrounding our first birth. Several weeks before delivery, Kelly helped us to parse out what we wanted from an “ideal” birth experience vs. what were “non-negotiables” during labor/delivery. During labor/delivery, Kelly was there for us every step of the way for all 38 hours (!) She helped my husband and I to feel safe and calm, was knowledgeable about various strategies to try out for pain/anxiety management, and helped us navigate difficult choices when we needed to deviate from our original birth plan for health reasons. Lastly, Kelly was so thoughtful about checking in after the birth. She knew about various postpartum resources that were so helpful in the early sleep-deprived weeks. Kelly's calming and empowering presence was exactly what our little family needed in preparing for the arrival of our little one and we can’t thank her enough.

Kimberly H.

Izzy H.

Preparing for labor seemed like such a huge task. There were so many books, methods, and opinions out there that Joseph and I decided to hire a doula and it was one of the best decisions we made. Kelly was an amazing support person with a wealth of knowledge. Joseph and I had immediate peace when we met with Kelly for the first time. She took the time to listen to our desires and fears and worked to make us feel educated and prepared. Being a doula is truly a calling for Kelly. She was so supportive, nurturing, and positive during the process. She said she loved being a doula and it showed when she came in my labor room smiling after being up for over 30 hours at another labor. Basically, Kelly is a badass and we would hire her in a heart beat for another pregnancy.

Yasmin E.

Kelly is an absolutely amazing doula who provides A+++ service from start to finish.  

Kelly was extremely accommodating to my unique needs (I met her just days before I delivered) and she was able to fit me into her own busy schedule without missing a beat.  She is well-versed in Hypnobirthing (which was important to me), and was very understanding of all of my concerns going into delivery.  During my actual labor she was an indispensable figure that watched out for my best interests as well as the baby’s.  It’s not always easy for the birthing mother to be fully conscientious during labor due to the tremendous physical exertion your body and mind are going through; that’s where someone like Kelly becomes absolutely essential.  She was there to make sure I was as comfortable as possible, that I rested when there was an opportunity to do so, and that the medical staff was cognizant of my birthing preferences.  

She is also a very empathetic, honest, and kind-hearted human being who truly takes pride in her doula work.  I will always be thankful to her for helping me welcome my daughter into this world!

Jennifer M.

Kelly is a great doula! I highly recommend her.

We had 2 prenatal sessions together in which she put my mind at ease. Kelly is a great listener. I told her about my previous birth experience and we talked about my goals for this one. She helped me clarify what I wanted and then write a birth plan. Kelly knows good massage and relaxation exercises. I was practicing, loosely, the Hypnobirthing relaxations and she was familiar and helpful with those. During labor, Kelly was very helpful and supportive. She helped immensely with hip squeezes. She helped voice my desires to the nurse when I didn't feel like talking. She also supported my husband and was able to give him breaks. Kelly was encouraging and tireless. She helped me keep in good hip opening positions to keep labor progressing.
In our postnatal visit it was helpful to reflect on the birth experience. I appreciate that Kelly could give me a timeline of when things happened. She gave supportive breastfeeding help and educated me more about postpartum depression.

All throughout the prenatal, labor and postnatal visits, Kelly provided non-judgmental support. She wanted to help me have a labor and birth in the way I chose. Kelly is easy to talk to and has a very friendly and compassionate demeanor. 
I am grateful to have had Kelly as my doula and would definitely use her again.

Katerina O.

Kelly is an amazing doula! She made me feel supported and informed throughout my whole pregnancy and after. She was never judgmental about my birth plan and always made sure I understood all of my options. She is a very genuine and caring person. I don't think I would have made it through my unmedicated VBAC without her!