Kelly Bolerjack CD(DONA) proudly supports childbearing families in Austin, Texas as a birth doula. When doulas attend births, women have better birth outcomes and utilize fewer medical interventions. More importantly, women have a better experience and memory of their birth, allowing them to enter into motherhood with more confidence and well-being.


Kelly provides modern care, utilizing the latest research and technology, while maintaining an honest and compassionate relationship. She understands that you are a modern woman. All paperwork is sent and signed electronically very quickly and efficiently. Kelly works around your busy schedule and can meet wherever is convenient for you. A taco truck or coffee shop is always an acceptable location to meet in Austin! As a mother herself to three amazing daughters, she is patient and caring. Having gone through natural birth, cesarean birth, PTSD and PPD, and a VBAC, she understands all of your concerns. Kelly Bolerjack's mission is to provide modern, relevant, and honest support to childbearing women and their families.