Kelly Bolerjack CD(DONA) proudly supports childbearing families of all backgrounds and identifications in Austin, Texas as a birth doula. Kelly provides judgement-free support for whatever type of birth you are seeking.

When doulas attend births, women have better birth outcomes and utilize fewer medical interventions. More importantly, women have a better experience and memory of their birth, allowing them to enter into motherhood with more confidence and well-being.

Kelly provides modern care, utilizing the latest research and technology, while maintaining an honest and compassionate relationship. She understands that you are a modern woman. All paperwork is sent and signed electronically very quickly and efficiently. Kelly works around your busy schedule and can meet wherever is convenient for you. A taco truck or coffee shop is always an acceptable location to meet in Austin! Kelly's clients value her calm presence, honesty and relentless desire for informed decision-making.

Kelly has continued her education to be able to offer multiple pain coping techniques, including TENS, rebozo, massage and acupressure. Kelly has experience with VBAC support, cesarean support, water birth, high-risk, and special needs births. Kelly is a breastfeeding counselor and breastfed her own three children through their first year. Kelly also provides trauma-informed care and helps each family she serves screen for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.


As a mother

herself to three amazing daughters, Kelly Bolerjack understands the journey of parenthood. Having personally experienced unmedicated birth (both in home and hospital), cesarean birth, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Postpartum Depression, and VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), she understands the wide range of birth experiences.

Kelly Bolerjack's mission is to provide modern, relevant, and honest support to childbearing women and their families so that birth can occur in an environment of love and safety.