Laid Back Breastfeeding

Laid Back Breastfeeding.

To some moms, that can sound like a misnomer. Breastfeeding can be very difficult for some mothers and babies, especially in the beginning weeks. I don't want to ignore that. I'm not referring to easy breastfeeding. If you struggle to breastfeed, I suggest contacting your local La Leche League group to get some help. 

The term “laid back” refers to the mother’s position. It is also called “semi-reclining.” This pose is optimal in the beginning days after birth, especially if the woman had stitches or surgery during her birth. In these situations, the mother can be very sore and tired and she finds that sitting up is painful.

In the video below, you’ll find that the mother is able to comfortably relax on the couch with supportive pillows while her baby nurses and sleeps intermittently. 

(The first 30 seconds is a still photo...the video is not frozen.)

Did you notice that when the mother moves the baby over to the other breast, the baby is lumpy? Some new mothers are afraid of hurting their baby or suffocating them. Babies are actually really resilient. They need a confidant mother who are willing to move them and position them just so. 

Laid Back Breastfeeding can be extremely beneficial. If you’re pregnant, I highly recommend studying how this mother nurses before you’ve given birth. Also, show it to your support system (partner, neighbor, mother, doula, etc.) so they can know how to help you in those first days.

Best of Breastfeeding to you and your baby!